Space panic

Space Panic is a fear that an astronaut can have when he is in space. It is the fear of the unknown and the fear of the dark. It can be the fear of the vacuum of space or the fear of being lost in space. It can be the fear of not being able to return to Earth or the fear of being attacked by aliens. It is a very real fear for astronauts and can cause them to panic.

The first time space panic was documented was in 1965 when astronauts James McDivitt and Edward White were in space. White saw a UFO and started to panic. McDivitt had to calm him down.

Since then, space panic has been documented many times. In 1971, astronaut David Scott had a panic attack when he was orbiting the moon. He started to hyperventilate and had to be sedated.

In 2006, astronaut Lisa Nowak had a panic attack while on a space shuttle mission. She was later charged with attempted murder after she drove from Houston to Orlando to confront her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend.

There are many reasons why astronauts can experience space panic. The lack of air and the lack of gravity can be very disorienting. The vastness of space can be overwhelming. The darkness can be terrifying. And the possibility of being attacked by aliens can be very scary.

Astronauts who experience space panic can sometimes be treated with medication or with hypnosis. They can also be given training to help them cope with their fear. Some astronauts find that they eventually overcome their space panic and are able to work effectively in space. Others find that they always have a certain level of fear and learn to live with it.

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